Quality and Usability


Module database 
The module descriptions for all modules offered at the TU Berlin can be found in the central module database in MOSES.

Module lists
The current module lists with the compulsory and elective modules to be taken can also be viewed in MOSES. First you have to search for your study program and display it. Then you have to select the StuPO version and the most recent semester available (module list).

Please check on a case-by-case basis how you can receive credit for individual modules.

Modules of Q&U Lab

In the following list you can find an export of all modules offered by QU from the above mentioned module database (as of 2018-04-09). The latest status can always be found directly on the pages of the module database. The following parameters must be set in the search options:

  • Valid in semester: select current semester
  • Faculty: Faculty IV
  • Institute: Institute for Software Engineering and Theoretical Computer Science
  • Chair: 34355300 FG S-Professorship Quality and Usability

Then click on "Search for module title". The search field must remain empty so that all modules of QU are displayed.


* Please note that the 12 LP modules "Speech Interaction" and "Usability in Multimodal Interaction" can only be taken in exceptional cases (e.g. Master of Electrical Engineering PO 2013 in the major Communication Systems).

** The information about the professional internships can be found at the following link:



*** Softwarecampus modules: Prerequisite for the registration to the modules is a successful application in the program Softwarecampus of the BMBF.