Quality and Usability

Research Colloquia at Q&U Lab

Research colloquia are held twice a Monday at the Quality and Usability Lab. On the one hand, various speakers are invited to present their research and, on the other hand, students present their theses.
The speakers are invited by the Quality and Usability Lab and its research teams "Quality", "Speech and Dialog", "User Experience & eXtended Reality", "Usable Security and Privacy" and "Crowdsourcing and Open Data".

The research colloquia are open to everyone who is interested in our research topics.


The research colloquia "external guests" and "theses" take place once a month, always on Mondays between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. instead of.


Students who write their thesis at the Quality and Usability Lab present their work and research in an interim presentation and a final presentation.

The research colloquium "Theses" is most efficient when as many students and researchers as possible participate and give feedback. Students who are currently working on their own thesis can see what other students are working on, ideally give and receive feedback and incorporate it into their work.

Final Presentations / Defenses:

Final presentations take place after the thesis has been submitted. The entire thesis and, above all, the aspects relevant to the research are presented here. Approximately 20 minutes are allocated for the presentation and 10 minutes for discussion and questions.

Intermediate Presentations:

In addition to the final presentations, students will present their work if they have already invested about six weeks of work or have generally reached a good time for the presentation of interim results. In this way, feedback and input can be incorporated into the work. Approximately 20 minutes are allocated for the presentation, input, discussion and questions. This means that the actual presentation should not be longer than 10-15 minutes.

For interim presentations, open questions and discussion topics should already be built into the presentation slides to enable an effective feedback round. In this format it is not necessary to present the complete status of the thesis. It is more important to present concepts, ideas and plans in a way that is easy to follow. This also includes adhering to the framework and time.


Slots can be booked in the following Google Form . The password for the form is known at QU-Lab.

If you have any questions or need the password, please contact Philine Görzig.




Slots can be booked in the following Google Form. The password for the form is known at QU-Lab.

If you have any questions or need the password, please contact Philine Görzig.

Vortragende Studierende

12.12.2022Measuring Corporate Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals using State of the Art Natural Language Processing methodsENVerteidigungMaster
 Range improvement for DECT-based speech transmission via error correctionDEKonzeptpräsentationnMaster
 Twitter Sentiment Analysis for Content ReferencesENKonzeptpräsentationBachelor
 The Effect of Online Privacy Literacy on Online Privacy Valuation and Online Privacy BehaviorENKonzeptpräsentationMaster
 A comparative study of generative and discriminative models for aspect-oriented sentiment analysisENKonzeptpräsentationMaster
09.01.2023Evaluation of the three-digit-test hearing test for online screening in crowdsourced speech quality assessment tasksENVerteidigungBachelor
 Context Aware Module Selection in Modular Dialogue SystemsENVerteidigungMaster
 Design und Evaluation von multimodalen Interaktionselementen für domänenbasierte DialogsystemeDEVerteidigungMaster
06.02.2023Towards Automated Infant Cry Classification in Japanese and GermanENVerteidigungBachelor
 User Experience of playing Virtual Reality games in relation to gameplay duration and control methodENVerteidigungBachelor
 Investigating Gender Bias in Turkish Language ModelsENVerteidigungMaster
 Accented Speech RecognitionENKonzeptpräsentationMaster
13.03.2023Negation Detection in German using Machine TranslationENVerteidigungBachelor
 The Influence of Traits and States on Quality Perception in Video Telephony ConversationsENVerteidigungBachelor
 Comparative Evaluation of Transformer Architectures for Stance Detection in Long German TextsENVerteidigungBachelor
 Darstellung modularer Dialogsysteme als Gruppe einzelner ModuleDEKonzeptpräsentationBachelor
27.03.2023Influence of Media Quality on Physical Activity Behaviour and Emotional PerceptionENVerteidigungBachelor
 Design, implementation and evaluation of an automated gamemaster system for Escape RoomsENKonzeptpräsentationMaster
 Privacy Behaviour, Privacy Literacy and their relation to Monetary Valuation of Data TypesENKonzeptpräsentationMaster