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Communication Acoustics

Through the Communication Acoustics MOOC, you will receive an introduction to communication acoustics and an overview of the subfields of acoustics involved. Communication acoustics includes all subfields dealing with systems for communication between humans, between humans and machines, and between machines and machines (e.g. speech acoustics, electroacoustics, and audio engineering). Eight renowned experts from the various fields associated within the TU9 Alliance pool their expertise to provide you with basic knowledge and highlight current applications in the field of communication acoustics.

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Multimodal Interaction

This course covers the basics of multimodal communication between humans, but also between humans and machines. First, an introduction to the human sensory system is given. Students learn how the various senses of humans function, the range and modalities of interpersonal communication, and how these modalities are integrated.

Such communication channels can also be used by machines. The second part of the course covers how humans communicate with machines using different modalities. When is multimodal interaction useful? When rather not? Which communication channels offer which advantages? These and more questions will be discussed and answered during the course.

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What is a MOOC?

The acronym MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course and refers to online courses that are freely accessible via the Internet and therefore available worldwide, usually free of charge. Theoretically, an unlimited number of learners can take part in the courses due to the fact that they are independent of time and place.

The lecturers provide the participants with materials - mostly in video form - at weekly intervals. The content is supplemented with exercises and further materials. This variety of didactic elements distinguishes the MOOC format from pure online lectures. In addition, the participants work together on problems in forums and thus form a learning community.