Quality and Usability

Winter semester 2023/24

Introductory event
(Möller, every semester)

In the introductory event, an overview of the courses in the area of ​​Quality and Usability is given.


The individual events are presented thematically and administratively. As part of the digital semester, the introductory event is offered as a video, which you can download or watch in the next section. Further questions about the individual events will then be answered by Sebastian Möller and other lecturers in the Zoom Online Meeting linked above. It is strongly recommended that you watch the video before the Zoom Meeting. Further content-related questions about individual events will be answered in the associated ISIS courses. In addition, the lecturers are available to answer any questions you may have. The slides for the introductory event, which can also be seen in the video, can be downloaded here after the introductory session.

Download slides of the presentation