Quality and Usability

Usable Privacy

(Jettkowski, Schmitt; 2 SWS, 3 LP, each WiSe)
LV-Number: 0434 L 922
Language: English

No registration in advance needed. The course is limited to 25 students.
If more than 25 students register for the course in the first session we apply the official rules from the current AllgStuPO §36 to limit the number of attendees.

This seminar gives an introduction to privacy, with the focus on human aspects in information privacy. Topics include social media, location tracking, data protection, GDPR, user behavior with respect to e.g. decision making, self-disclosure, privacy paradox and privacy calculus. Also privacy in general, and differences to related topics such as security and confidentiality are discussed. Please send any question by email to Tobias Jettkowski at


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