Quality and Usability

Introduction to media informatics

Integrated event
(Möller; 4 SWS/6 LP)
LV-Number: 0434 L 920
Language: Deutsch

Contact: Robert Spang & Thilo Michael


Basic concepts; Media; Modalities; Codes; Audio; spoken / written language; Pictures; Video; Graphic; Haptics; Multimedia and multimodality; Design processes; Standards.

Learning outcomes

The students will get:

  • an understanding of the topic of media informatics as an interdisciplinary research and development field for information and communication technologies
  • a basic knowledge of the media and modalities as well as their practical implementation for interpersonal communication and human-machine interaction
  • knowledge of the design processes of media systems
  • skills in the practical implementation of the above knowledge for the design of exemplary systems
  • skills in presenting what they have learned to others.


The exercise is programmed with Python. All the necessary knowledge is presented in the first two exercises; Previous knowledge makes the exercise easier, but is not a prerequisite.

Target group

not specified


current semester