Quality and Usability

X-Student Research Group AR Tourism

(2 SWS/ 6 LP; SoSe/WiSe with changing topic)

Module: Research Project with Junior Researchers - X-Student Research Groups
University: Partner universities of the Berlin University Alliance: Charité, FU, HU, TU
Responsible for the module: Maurizio Vergari

Admission requirements: none

Qualification goals:
Students realize a limited research project linked to a currently ongoing research project, preferably through all stages of the research process. This may include formulating or specifying research questions, designing a methodological approach, implementing the research, and summarizing and documenting the results. You will have an awareness of challenging situations in the research process and be able to develop appropriate approaches to resolve them. They are able to define goals for a work process alone or in small groups, to divide tasks accordingly and to give feedback to other students in the research group. They have the ability to prepare their research results scientifically and for external target groups and can critically reflect and evaluate their own learning and research process. They have an understanding of the processes of the research project in which they are involved and of the scientific community to which they belong for this limited period of time.