Quality and Usability

Study project Quality & Usability

(Möller; 4/6 SWS, 6/9 LP; jeweils im SoSe/WiSe)

LV-Number: 6LP Projekt: 0434 L 918 / 9LP Projekt: 0434 L 919

Language: Deutsch/Englisch

Contact person:Britta Hesse


Topics related to current research focus of QU-Lab are offered to teach the necessary basics and practical applications.


current semester

ISIS Course*


*Please note that the ISIS-Course might be not available yet

Interdisziplinäres Medienprojekt (10LP), POS-Nummer: 6640

Studienprojekt Quality & Usability (9 LP), POS-Nummer: 2200

Studienprojekt Quality & Usability (6 LP), POS-Nummer: 2080

Note that there are two modules with the same title but different numbers of LP/CP in MTS (Moses)

Please be aware that the effort (time to spent) is a third higher for the 9 LP module than for the 6 LP module.

You can also register for the 10LP/CP module "Interdisziplinäres Medienprojekt", if you need it for your course of study (e.g. Medieninformatik).