Quality and Usability

Interdisciplinary Mediaproject

Module: Interdisciplinary Media Project

LV-Number: 0434 L 923

Language: German/English (according to agreement with students)

Contact Person:Britta Hesse

In this module, the students develop solutions for technical or social science problems connected with digital media using the course content. Both IT skills and analytical social science skills are required to complete this module. The project includes a task from the area of conception, development, or use of a system for the design, recording, transmission, or presentation of media, which is redefined every semester. So, the chair offers usually different project topics for students who should use the above-described skills on the subject. The project work should be solved in a team with interdisciplinary skills; the group organizes itself; the lecturers guarantee regular supervision. Finally, the project results should be presented, and a project report should be delivered.

current semester

ISIS Course*


*Please note that the ISIS-Course might be not available yet

Interdisziplinäres Medienprojekt (10LP), POS-Nummer: 6640

Studienprojekt Quality & Usability (9 LP), POS-Nummer: 2200

Studienprojekt Quality & Usability (6 LP), POS-Nummer: 2080

Note that there are two modules with the same title but different numbers of LP/CP in MTS (Moses)

Please be aware that the effort (time to spent) is a third higher for the 9 LP module than for the 6 LP module.

You can also register for the 10LP/CP module "Interdisziplinäres Medienprojekt", if you need it for your course of study (e.g. Medieninformatik).