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Speech communication

Integrated Event
(Möller, 4 SWS/6 LP, each WiSe)
LV-Number: 0434 L 900
Language: English


Speech signals and speech sounds; human speech production; auditory perception; speech signal transmission and coding; speech recognition and speaker recognition; speech synthesis; spoken dialogue systems; multimodal dialogue systems.


Speech is the most important means of human communication, and more and more it develops into an important modality for human-computer interaction. Already systems work by speech recognition, interpretation of linguistic content, control of dialoge flow, generation  of responses or production of speech signals. Beyond that, the efficient transmission of speech is of utmost importance, both in conventional transmission networks as well as in networks with paket switching (eg. Voice over IP).
In the course of this lecture the basis for unterstanding and designing  communication technology systems based on speech will be provided. Starting with the production and perception of natural human speech will shed light on many important characteristics of speech signals and requirements for their processing. Essential means for representing speech signals in the time and frequency domains will be laid out. On this basis, the functioning of important components of systems of speech technology will be explicated. Apart from efficient coding of speech, speech recognition, speech synthesis, as well as interaction withspeech processing systems (spoken dialogue systems, alternative term: voice user interfaces) will be central. Finally, improvement strategies for the smoother adaption of such systems to human communicative needs via multimodal means of input and output will be presented (multimodal dialogue systems).

Target Group

The lecture has been developed with a focus on students of electrical engineering, computer engineering, as well as computer science. Above these, students from linguistics, communication sciences, engineering acoustics, sociology, human factors, as well as other departments are very welcome. Previous knowledge in speech signal processing or linguistics is not required.


current semester


Lecture: Mondays 10–12h, MA001 / Zoom, from 24.10.2022
Exercise: Mondays 12-14h, Zoom, from 24.10.2022

Please visit the ISIS-Course* to participate, the password is “speech12”

*Please note that the ISIS-Course might be not available yet

Portfolio Exam:

  • Two written tests with each 35 Points. 
  • Project with a speech-dialog-system 10 Points.
  • Two homework assignments with each 10 Points.