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Projekt Medienerstellung

(R. P. Spang; 2 SWS/5 LP or 6 LP, each in SoSe)

LV number: 0434 L 921
Language: German (some projects are offered in english)

The module takes place entirely as an online course.



In the module, students develop digital media using the content of their studies. Computer science skills as well as design and analytical-social science skills are applied. The project includes the complete creation of a digital medium from conception, design, recording and post-production to evaluation. The respective project task is redefined each semester and solved in a team with interdisciplinary competencies. The team organizes itself independently; regular supervision is guaranteed by the lecturers. Finally, there is a presentation of the project result and a written elaboration. The module takes place as an online course. Project work is organized with video conferencing system. Thus, project work is also possible remotely.

Prerequisites: none

Target group: Students of media informatics and media technology in the second semester are accepted with priority.


current semester

Media Project SS 2022

ISIS course:https://isis.tu-berlin.de/course/view.php?id=28036


Enrollment key: ProMedi+2022

    Important dates:

    • Intro Session: starting 08 April via ISIS Video
    • Intro Lecture (PM): from April 19 via ISIS Video
    • Project group selection: until April 26 via ISIS (second VL week!)
    • Exam registration: probably until April 29 via MOSES
    • Interim presentation: May 18 via ISIS video upload
    • Submission of a written concept: May 20, via ISIS
    • Final presentation: 20.07 via ISIS Video Upload
    • Submission of media product: 22.07, by 12 noon
    • Submission of the final report: 12.08, via ISIS

    Further dates by arrangement in the respective project groups