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Digitale Systeme

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Lecture and exercise
(Möller, Naderi, Vergari)

Language: German

Learning Outcomes

Students are able to reflect on the basic knowledge in the field of digital logic circuits with reference to physical performance parameters and master the most important terms, properties and theories as well as the elementary components and design principles of digital circuits. They possess the skills to design switching networks and switching devices and are capable of teamwork in small groups.

Target group

This course is mandatory for students of Computer Engineering, but is also aimed equally at students of Computer Science as well as Electrical Engineering. Please check in advance for credit.


current semester


This course will be held hybrid.
All current news, course materials and required information will be posted on the ISIS site.

Enrollment Key: Digsys2022

Lecture: Tuesday 8:15-09:45; EB 301 / Zoom

Exercise: Start week 4/19/2022.