Quality and Usability

Study and teaching

All three considered levels of the "Quality and Usability" area should be reflected in teaching as well as research. This area is namely an ideal intersection between the engineering sciences (represented here by the electrical engineering, technical informatics and computer science courses) and a number of scientific areas or courses that can provide the basis for a human-friendly design of technical systems.

This includes in particular the areas of physical engineering (specialization in technical acoustics), psychology (in particular the human factors course), communication and linguistics (culture and technology courses or communication and language), media technology (media communication and technology course) and work sciences. Students in the above-mentioned areas are therefore expressly welcome to attend the courses; they enrich the interdisciplinary learning and work of the technically oriented students. The courses in the Bachelor's degree are offered in German as standard, but they can also be held in English if required.

The events in the Master’s program are held in English as standard.

You can find more information in the description of Prof. Möller's teaching concept.