Quality and Usability


Current projects





  • VoiceAdapt - Adaptives Sprachtraining für ältere Menschen mit Aphasie (EU JPI MYBL / BMBF)

EU Horizon 2020 ICT

  • Adaptive Edge/Cloud Compute and Network Continuum over a Heterogeneous Sparse Edge Infrastructure to Support Nextgen Applications (ACCORDION)


  • DemTab - Tabletgestützte ambulante Versorgung von Menschen mit Demenz (G-BA)
  • Exergaming in virtual reality
  • BGF Pflege
  • BOP: Berlin Open Science Platform for the Curation of Research Data
  • AnonymPrevent (VW-Stiftung)
  • DIDYMOS​​​​​​​

past projects


  • Fix-IT: Fixing IT for women
  • OurPuppet - Pflegeunterstützung mit einer interaktiven Puppe für informell Pflegende
  • STEAK: Spatial TelephonE conferencing for AsterisK
  • Analysis and Synthesis of Directional Acoustic Room Properties
  • Automatische Nutzercharakterisierung für Marktforschung und Prototypenentwicklung anhand psychographischer Daten aus Social Media und Sprachanwendungen
  • Bernstein Focus Neurotechnology - Berlin (BFNT - B)
  • Blended Prototyping (Einstein / BMBF)
  • CrowdMAQA: Motivation and Automatic Quality Assessment in Paid Crowdsourcing Online Labor Markets
  • Forschungscampus Connected Technologies
  • Quality of Mobile Gaming
  • SecNEED
  • Smart Senior
  • SPASH: Social Psychological Aspects of Smart Homes
  • TTS Corporate Voice
  • Universal Home Control Interfaces@ConnectedUsability
  • UFESQ: User-Friendly Estimation of Speech Quality for Telecommunications and Network Carriers
  • Vernetzte Mobilität - BodenseEmobility (emma- e-mobil mit anschluss)
  • ICU - Internes Crowdsourcing in Unternehmen: Arbeitnehmergerechte Prozessinnovationen durch digitale Beteiligung von Mitarbeiter/innen
  • Mobil im Havelland
  • SMESS - Crowd
  • DEKA


  • Simulation of Conversational Behavior During Impaired Speech Transmissions
  • Subjective assessment and instrumental prediction of mobile online gaming on the basis of perceptual dimensions
  • Erkenntnistransfer: Qualitätsattribute und Gesamtqualität übertragener Sprache
  • Likability of Voices
  • Automatische Usability-Evaluierung modellbasierter Interaktionssysteme für Ambient Assisted Living
  • Attribute-based Speech Quality Measures
  • mmEVAL
  • prometei
  • TTS Evaluation
  • UserModel
  • Detection of Speaker Personality and Likability
  • Subjektive Messung und instrumentelle Schätzung von Sprachqualität in einer Konversationssituation auf Basis von perzeptiven Dimensionen
  • Nautilus Speaker Characterization (NSC) Corpus
  • Artificial Reverberation for Sound Field Synthesis


  • MIELES – Modernizing and Enhancing Indian eLearning Educational Strategies

EU / H2020

  • ATTPS: Achieving the Trust Paradigm Shift (EU FP-7)
  • Methods and models for assessing and predicting the QoE linked to mobile gaming (QoE-NET/MSCA-ITN Network)
  • SpeechEval (EFRE)


  • BRIDGE - Data & Fact Driven Decision-Making for Skills Based Inclusion of Migrants (EIT-Digital)
  • ERICS – European Refugee Information and Communication Service (EIT-Digital, 2017/2018, Project Lead)
  • ALM-enabled Smart Maintenance: Low cost, Multi-purpose (ALM) IoT modules for fitting machinery/production plants and measuring real time parameters such as vibrations, energy consumption, temperature etc. based on innovative fiber optics and Nucleo STM microcontrollers (EIT-Digital, 1-12/2017)
  • Engineering Privacy and Security in Crowdsourcing Environments (EIT-Digital, 2015/2016)
  • EIT ICT Education Research Program 2014
  • FlashPoll - Mobile Participation
  • Privacy-Preserving Smart Spaces
  • Visualization of Energy Efficiency Performance and User Behaviour (EIT Climate-KIC)
  • DoNotFear - Perceived Security In Public Transport
  • ART - Augmented Reality for Tourism industry in a changing era

Deutsche Telekom AG / T-Labs

  • Activity-based verification
  • Affect-based Indexing (abi)
  • Agile User Research & Innovation (AUR&I)
  • Anomaly Detection and Early Warning Systems
  • Citizen Card
  • Connected Life and Drive
  • CopperCoin
  • Cross-service, Cross-user QoE
  • Detection of Speaker Personality and Likability
  • Face, Gesture and Deformations
  • Free Viewpoint TV
  • Graded Security for Mobiles
  • Hierarchical Multimodal Interfaces
  • HiQ Voice
  • ICS Intelligent Customer Self Service
  • Interaction with Digital Signage
  • MagiThings
  • MARS
  • MeMo
  • MEX
  • Mmalpha
  • Mobile Interaction
  • Mobisense
  • Mobisense goes video
  • MuCORE - Multimedia Content Retrieval
  • Multidemensional Speech QoE
  • Quality of Mobile Gaming
  • Security Requirements Combiner (SeReCo)
  • SmileyMap
  • Speaker Recognition and Speaker Characterization through different Communication Channels
  • Speech Quality per Call
  • Superior User Experience Modeling
  • TIDE
  • T-V-Model
  • Universal Telecommunication Interface (UTI)
  • Usability & Security
  • Usability Modelling and Prediction
  • User Experience Quantification
  • Virtual City Guide++
  • Virtual Communication Environments
  • Vision-based Interaction
  • Visual Processing
  • Vocalytics & SWYM
  • Voice Notes
  • VoiceVibes


  • Acoustic Massive Multichannel Systems
  • Audio-visual Quality
  • Automatic Usability Engineering Methods
  • Basics of Sound Reproduction and Perception
  • Human-Centric Communication (H-C3)
  • Joy of Use in Practice
  • Mobiler Campus Charlottenburg (MoCCha)
  • MOOC@TU9
  • PflegeTab - Technik für mehr Lebensqualität trotz Pflegebedürftigkeit bei Demenz (GKV)
  • Physical Interaction
  • Quality of Experience Estimators in Networks (QuEEN)
  • Smart Home System INSPIRE
  • Speech Quality Engineering
  • Speech Quality Modelling
  • Subject-based Usability Evaluation Methods
  • Thinking Head (ARC/NH&MRC)
  • Turkmotion