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We kindly ask you to send all questions by email to sekretariat(at)qu.tu-berlin.de. Due to the corona situation and the current infection situation, the administration of the Quality and Usability Lab is still not regularly present in person. However, we can be reached at any time by email - in urgent cases by phone during normal office hours.


Text Complexity DE Challenge 2022 [ENG]

We are organizing the very first Automated German Text Complexity Assessment Shared Task in KONVENS 2022.

We are organizing the very first Automated German Text Complexity Assessment Shared Task in KONVENS 2022. 

The models should predict the complexity of a sentence in German for German learners in the B level.
Training data will be published on 16th of May.

For further details please check:


Result of the Conferencing Speech 2022

Non-Intrusive Speech Quality Assessment in Online Conferencing Applications

Although the top ranked teams performed constantly well on the three test sets, it looks like that there are still lots of work to do! Stay tune to read the top papers in INTERSPEECH 2022.

Is this line of research interesting for you? In the Quality and Usability Lab, we are working on the state-of-the-art subjective and objective methods for...

Crowdsourcing in QoMEX 2022

We are organizing a Special Session on "Crowd-sourced and Remote User Studies for Quality of Experience and Usability Research" in QoMEX2022.

Paper registration deadline is on March 18th and final version should be submitted by 31st of March.

Further information are here: https://qomex2022.itec.aau.at/special-session-2/

Topics of interest are including but not limited to:

  • Crowdsourcing for quantitative and qualitative subjective studies - Novel applications 
  • Reproducibility of...

„Young Professionals“

Projects of the VDE department (ITG) in the area of services and applications for "young professionals"


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