I B - Examination Office
I B - Examination Office

Information for summer semester 2021

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Campus Center

Auf Grund der aktuell wieder steigenden Corona-Fallzahlen ist eine Öffnung des Campus Centers zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt leider nicht möglich. Es wird jedoch eine Möglichkeit der persönlichen Beratung mit Voranmeldung und nach Terminvereinbarung vorbereitet.

Sofern das Campus Center während des Wintersemesters 2020/2021 dafür öffnen kann, werden wir dies an dieser Stelle kommunizieren.

Office of Student Affairs


You can find current information about winter semester 2020/2021 and the status of your application or enrollment at the office of student affairs:

The Office of Student Affairs can currently be contacted by phone and email.


Examination Office

Your exam team continues to be available via email, if you have any questions or concerns. Please understand that it may take some time to receive a response due to weekends and the time required to process your inquiry, including any necessary follow-up questions.

To help us reply as quickly as possible, please make sure to include the following information:

  • Matriculation number
  • Intended qualification
  • Degree program
  • Modules (if registering or de-registering from an exam)

For data privacy reasons, we ask that you send all emails from your TUB email account. If you are contacting us via the contact form, please provide your TUB email address, should you have one.  Disable any automatic forwarding from your TU account to a private account. Please note that all University notifications/information/decisions are sent to TU Berlin email accounts to ensure they reach the intended recipient only.

We are also happy to call you to discuss any more complex individual questions you may have. Please provide all the necessary information in your email so that we can best prepare for our conversation.

Please understand that it may take some time to receive a response due to weekends and the time required to process your inquiry, including any necessary follow-up questions.

You can continue to send us documents by post. All documents should be sent to:

Technische Universität Berlin
Referat Prüfungen – [provide the relevant degree program or team]
Straße des 17. Juli 135
10623 Berlin

Team 1: contact form or e-mail
Team 2: contact form or e-mail
Team 3: contact form or e-mail
Team 4: contact form or e-mail
Team 5: contact form or e-mail

Academic Advising Service and Psychological Counseling

Die Allgemeine Studienberatung bietet Dienstag und Donnerstag eine Videosprechstunde an. Weitere Beratungsmöglichkeiten stehen nach Kontaktaufnahme per E-Mail zur Verfügung.

Die Psychologische Beratung bietet Ihnen weiterhin Unterstützung in studienbedingten, aber auch persönlichen Krisensituationen. Um einen Beratungstermin zu vereinbaren, wenden Sie sich per E-Mail an das Team der Psychologischen Beratung.

Career Service

Der Career Service ist für Sie weiterhin per E-Mail und überwiegend auch telefonisch erreichbar. Am Mittwoch wird eine Videosprechstunde angeboten.

Mit Online-Info-Veranstaltungen und Webinaren wird die berufliche Orientierung und zusätzlichen Tipps zum Bewerben in Corona-Zeiten unterstützt.


Deregistering from an examination

  • The regulations in the General Study and Examination Regulations apply to exam deregistrations during winter semester 2020/2021. You may deregister from an exam up to one day before the examination or first examination component. If you are unable to deregister in QISPOS/SAP, please send an email with the withdrawal form in good time to the relevant examination team and respective examiners/academic chairs.
  • In principle, it is only possible to deregister from a portfolio examination up to the start of the first element of the examination. If individual elements of the portfolio examination are changed by teaching staff after their commencement, the exam can be continued at a later date. Withdrawing from the entire examination is only possible in exceptional cases, e.g. if it is not possible to continue due to prolonged illness, a stay abroad or similar. In this case, please include the reasons for withdrawing. You also require the signature of the academic chair.
  • You can only withdraw on the day of the examination if you can provide proof of important grounds for doing so. In this case you must fill out the withdrawal form and obtain a medical certificate. If the examiners stop the examination because it is clear that you are ill, you will only need to present a medical certificate if required to do so by the examiners. Certificates of incapacity or medical certificates may not be issued later than the day of the exam. Please immediately inform the relevant examiners/academic chairs and submit the form and medical certificate to your examination team within five days. You can also submit this electronically via a scan.
  • If you do not attend an examination for which you registered without officially withdrawing or fail to present a medical certificate and do not provide proof of good reason for not attending within five days, you will be graded with a 5.0 and your non-attendance recorded.

Anmeldung von Modulprüfungen

  • Please note that you must first register for an exam before you can take it. Examiners are responsible for announcing the registration periods. If no registration periods are announced, the regulations in Section 39 (3) AllgStuPO apply.

    Please continue to register for examinations via QISPOS/SAP. For all registrations that cannot be completed electronically, please send the completed registration form to your exam team.

    For data privacy reasons, we ask that you send all emails from your TUB email account. Disable any automatic forwarding from your TU account to a private account. Please note that all University notifications/information/decisions are sent to TU Berlin email accounts to ensure they reach the intended recipient only.

    • You must register in good time prior to all examinations. There may be a number of reasons preventing you from registering, even after the registration option has been activated by the academic chair in QISPOS:
      • You still have an open registration from the 2019/2020 winter semester or 2020 summer semester for the examination you wish to take (for example if your examination had to be canceled). This registration remains active and you can take the examination on the next possible date without further measures.
      • A technical problem is preventing you from successfully registering. If this is the case, please contact technical support. You can find information regarding other question/problems at: https://www.tu.berlin/en/go1280/
  • To register for elective and additional modules, please submit a registration form to your examination team in good time. Please understand that it may take some time to receive a response due to weekends and the time required to process your inquiry, including any necessary follow-up questions. You will receive an email confirming your registration. Alternatively, you can review your registration under “registered examinations” in your QISPOS or SAP account. Please regularly check that your SAP or QISPOS account information is accurate and updated in the days following your registration. Please also inform your academic chair of your registration immediately after receipt of this confirmation. Be sure to include the following information when contacting the academic chair:  your matriculation number, your degree program, your intended degree, and the title of the module.
  • You can find the module title under “registered examinations” in the elective and additional modules section and present this when entering the examination room or when entering the premises.
  • The registration deadline for portfolio examinations is 30.11.2020.
  • If the registration deadline in QISPOS or the Examination Office has passed, you may submit a late registration (Link: Nachmeldung in QISPOS) to your exam team with the approval/signature of the examiner or academic chair.
  • If you belong to an at-risk group or other important reasons prohibit you from taking the examination in the intended format, you can submit a request to change the method of examination. You should submit appropriate proof with your request. Further information is available on the Academic Advising Service’s web pages.


Bewertung von Portfolioprüfungen

Announcement of exam dates

Verschiebung von Prüfungsterminen

Announcement of exam dates

  • Examination dates are announced as follows:

  • Within 14 days of the start of the module for written examinations and portfolio examinations
  • No later than four weeks before the examination date for oral exams

In-presence examinations

Preparing to take part in an in-presence examination

You are required to wear a face mask throughout the entire examination.

  • If you wear glasses, we recommend wearing a mask with a metal nose wire to prevent your glasses from fogging up.
  • Scarves and kerchiefs are not recommended as they are more likely to slip. Instead we recommend cloth or multilayer paper masks secured with elastic bands.
  • Depending on the duration of your exam, we recommend having a change of mask available.
  • Masks with a built-in valve are not recommended, as they are less effective at protecting others.
  • Masks with a built-in filter that make noise are not permitted.

Participating in an in-presence examination (not allowed until February 13, 2021)


You are permitted to briefly remove your mask to take a drink or bite or change masks. Please avoid speaking without the mask to prevent the spread of aerosols.

If you fail to adhere to the distancing and hygiene regulations, the exam proctor is authorized to take steps to ensure compliance or request you leave the room and discontinue the exam for the safety of others.

Your exam will then be assessed depending on the circumstances of the individual case.


During face-to-face oral examinations

Oral exams can be held in sufficiently large rooms (seminar or conference rooms) at the academic chair in compliance with TU Berlin’s hygiene and protection measures. The heads of the academic chairs are responsible for ensuring adherence to the protection measures and examination regulations.

Online examinations

Preparing to take an online examination

Various requirements must be met to successfully hold or take an online exam. In particular, these include informing students:

  • In good time of the necessary technical requirements (internet access, computer with a webcam and microphone, as well as any necessary software)
  • That they can freely choose whether to take the online exam
  • That any commenced exams remain valid as long as there were no technical issues or similar

Participating in an in-presence examination

During online examinations

Written examinations can be conducted

  • in the form of written instructions for tasks provided via ISIS with time-controlled access for the task assignment and submission of the work


  • as online exams or similar formats, if TU Berlin has authorized use of suitable software for doing so.

Further Information of ZEWK


During face-to-face oral examinations

Oral exams may be held, as an exception, through video conferencing with the agreement of the students. Under the circumstances it is also currently permissible for each person participating in the examination to be alone in one room.

In this case, students are required to activate the camera for the entire examination to allow the examiner to identify them at the beginning and communicate with them throughout the exam.

Further information (only german):
Online-Lehre-Team ZEWK
Mündliche Prüfungen - Informationen VP SL

Final theses

Registration of final theses

If you would like to register your final thesis, please contact your exam team by email to receive the form. The process remains unchanged:

  • send an email with the relevant form from your TU email account to your exam team.
  • Your exam team will check to see that the requirements are met, complete its part of the form and send it to the first examiner.
  • The first examiner selects the topic, nominates a second examiner, and signs and forwards the form to the examination committee.
  • The examination committee sends its decision to the examination team.
  • You will then receive an email in your TUB account or a letter in the mail with the selected topic and submission deadline. The deadline is determined by study and examination regulations.

Submitting final theses

Current notice dated May 26, 2021: Students may continue to submit final theses to their examination team in electronic format. Please refer to the information provided on the website.

Deadlines for submitting final theses and term papers, as long as they are not part of portfolio examinations, will be suspended until 31 June 2021. This is based on the assumption that it will not be possible to work on theses and term papers until 31 June 2021. Writing periods which have already commenced will be extended by the appropriate amount of time. New submissions of topics will be internally processed. Topics will however only be assigned to students at the end of May, with the writing period commencing 1 July 2021. Students have the option of informing their examination team when submitting an application for the assignment of a topic that they do not wish to take advantage of the suspension of deadlines. This decision is irreversible. In such cases, it is only possible to take advantage of the extensions to deadlines provided for in the study and examination regulations.

  • Applications for additional extensions can be made to the relevant examination committees. 
  • Final theses (hard copies) may be submitted by post.The date of receipt at TU Berlin is decisive for the timely submission.
  • Final theses can be submitted in electronic format with the prior agreement of the examiner. To do so, send your thesis electronically as a PDF to your exam team using the contact form or upload it to the TUB cloud and send us an access link. Include a photo or scan of your registration form with your electronic submission.
  • The file name you assign to your final thesis should use the following format: Abschlussarbeit_yourmatriculationnumber.pdf
  • Please include the following information in your email:
    • Name
    • Matriculation number
    • Degree type and degree program
    • Name and email address of the first examiner
    • Name and email address of the second examiner
    • Title of the thesis you are submitting
    • A statement that the thesis includes a declaration that you completed the work independently in accordance with Section 46 (8) AllgStuPO
    • For work submitted in English or if required by study and examination regulations: A statement that the thesis includes a summary in German/English. Refer to the information sheets and your study and examination regulations to find out which statements and declarations are required.

You can continue to send us documents by post. All documents should be sent to:

Technische Universität Berlin
Referat Prüfungen – [provide the relevant degree program or team]
Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin

Team 1: contact form or e-mail
Team 2: contact form or e-mail
Team 3: contact form or e-mail
Team 4: contact form or e-mail
Team 5: contact form or e-mail



Deadlines for repeat examinations

All deadlines for repeat examinations which either expired or are due to expire on 31.3.2020, 30.9.2020 or 31.3.2021 have been extended automatically to 30.9.2022. You do not need to apply.

A one-year repeat deadline from 1 October 2021 to 30 September 2022 applies for all exams not passed as of 1 October 2021 and not qualifying as a “Freiversuch” attempt, and whose repeat deadline had not expired by 1 April 2020. This deadline can be extended if individual grounds exist (academic adjustment). No application is required.

Hardship in diplom programs

Students who, due to cases of hardship and special circumstances, are still permitted to graduate in Diplom programs may apply to the relevant examination committee for an extension on the basis of restrictions arising from the coronavirus.


There are current restrictions on students reviewing their examinations, and the period for appealing exam results will only commence once the exam review has taken place.

Examination regulations due to expire

  • Students in degree programs whose study and examination regulations expire on31.3.2020, 30.9.2020, or 31.3.2021 have the option to continue to graduate under the expired StuPO until 30.9.2021. A separate application for extension is not required.

    Please refer to the information provided by your respective examination board or faculty for details about the deadlines for registering your final thesis or other formalities.

TAN unavailable?

TAN unavailable?

If you currently do not have access to your TAN list, you can use the WebIdent procedure: After confirming your identity via video, you will be issued with a "one-time password".  

You can use the WebIdent method from home or a mobile device. You will need a PC or mobile device with a high-speed Internet connection and a camera. An identity card or passport with your photo is required for the identity check.

How to Use WebIdent:

  1. Please check the compatibility of your device in advance on the following website: https://check-webident.tubit.tu-berlin.de/
  2. After you have checked the compatibility of your device, you can call our IT hotline +49 30 31428000 during our opening hours (Monday to Friday, 10:00 -16:00).
  3. A ZECM employee will start the video session.
  4. To verify your identity, please hold your ID in front of the camera and move it as prompted so that security features can be verified.
  5. At the end of the chat, you will receive a one-time password which you can use for the following:
    1. Resetting your password,
    2. Generating a new TAN list

Additional information for teachers and examination committees

During online examinations

Please ensure that:

  • Students are informed in good time, including of the necessary technical requirements and the exam procedure.
  • The candidate's identity must be confirmed at the start of the examination.
  • The student is able to take the exam. You can use the text provided in the protocol for oral exams and place it in the examination documents before the tasks as confirmation.
  • For online exams conducted with the help of software, students will usually need a personal login with which they identify themselves and declare that they are taking the exam themselves. ZEWK and Campus Management are available to assist with the technical execution of online exams.
  • It is recommended for exams where students must download the tasks and upload their answers within a certain time, to schedule extra time for the download and upload at the beginning and end of the examination which is not part of the students’ working time.

During face-to-face oral examinations

When conducting oral exams online, we ask that you observe the following:

  • Always include an observer or second examiner and keep a protocol as you would for an in-presence exam.
  • To start
    • Confirm the student’s identity by having them hold their student/personal ID up to the camera and, if necessary, move the camera around to show the rest of the room to confirm the student is alone.
    • Confirm the student’s consent to examination by video conference and document this in the exam protocol.
  • If you are unable to view the QISPOS or SAP registration yourself, have the student provide proof of their examination registration (registration form or QISPOS printout).
  • Using the protocol, walk through each of these formal steps with the student.
  • The protocol can be written and signed by the observer or one of two examiners, then scanned and sent to (another) examiner, who then also signs.
  • Documents that students create during the exam (such as calculations, drawings, etc.) that would otherwise remain in the protocol should be sent by students to examiners either as a screenshot or as a photo during or immediately after the exam.
  • The protocol remains with the examiners who record the grades in QISPOS/SAP. Alternatively, the examiners can send everything to I B.
  • Explanation of grades: The video session should be terminated to allow consultation between the examiners on the grade. The connection may be re-established when the examiners are ready to announce and explain the candidate’s grade.

Problem management:

  • According to the Senate Chancellery “Video conferences are […] a de facto presence comparable to physical presence...”. (Letter of 26.3.2020 on the topic: Conducting committee meetings) In this respect, examination via video chat is also considered an oral examination, i.e. there is no change in the method of the examination if it was already an oral examination or a second repeat examination.
  • The consent of the student being examined via video conference is to be documented in writing in the exam protocol.
  • If technical issues occur (unstable internet connection or similar), first try to reconnect and resume the examination. The period of disruption is not counted towards the examination time. If it is not possible to immediately resume the exam, review whether the progress made thus far (depending on the duration) already permits you to make a final evaluation and inform the student of the grade. If the students wishes to continue the exam or the exam duration thus far was too short to allow for adequate assessment, schedule a new appointment to resume the exam.

Further information (only german):
Online-Lehre-Team ZEWK
Mündliche Prüfungen - Informationen VP SL

Temporarily changing the method of examination

If you would like to temporarily change the type of your module examination, please inform the relevant examination board in good time with the reason for your requested change. The new examination method must be able to assess students’ skills appropriately. Be sure to include how long the new examination method is to apply, for instance for winter semester 20/21. Please bear in mind that the type of examination communicated to students at the start of the semester should not be changed during the course of that semester.

If a permanent change in the examination format is to take place, the Office of Academics and Teaching at your faculty must also be informed and the study and examination regulations must be amended by the committee responsible no later than summer semester 2021.

  • For portfolio examinations the following applies: If an individual element changes during the course of the semester, students can decide not to take it and to continue the exam at a later date or, in exceptional cases, to withdraw altogether. Students must inform you of their choice not to participate before the examination component commences.)

You can move the existing registration for a portfolio examination in QISPOS/SAP to the next examination period and the exam can be continued then.

Portfolio examinations

The deadline for registering for portfolio examinations in the Examination Office which cannot be registered for in QISPOS/SAP, ends 30.11.2020. Please note that it is not possible for students to complete any partial performance before registering.

Portfolio examinations are classified as commenced if at least one component has been completed. Unless excused, zero points will be awarded for all further elements of portfolio examinations not taken by 31.3.2021. If this results in an overall fail grade for a portfolio examination, then failed elements will not be counted as attempts (pursuant to the special coronavirus regulations) and may be repeated.

We strongly recommend examiners offering portfolio examinations with term papers to extend submission deadlines on account of the closure of libraries and study spaces. Students can apply for a compensation of disadvantages according to § 40 AllgStuPO.

Given the lack of certainty regarding face-to-face examinations, we urge all teaching staff to consider alternative formats.Examiners continue to have the option to make temporary changes to exam formats. Please refer to the information provided online and here.

Publishing examination results

Grades are recorded in QISPOS/SAP. You must also send the signed grade lists for second and failed attempts to IB KoP.

In the case of oral examinations and elective/additional modules, sign and send the exam protocols electronically to the relevant examination team.

You should offer students an opportunity to review their graded exam. Pre-registration is required for an exam review. The academic chairs are responsible for holding exam reviews in compliance with the hygiene regulations.

Awarding credit for MOOCS