I B - Examination Office

Winter semester 2023/24 information

Dear students, dear lecturers,

in the following, we summarize the essential regulations of the current BerlHG and the AllgStuPO, which came into effect on October 1, 2021, and explain the procedure for registering for exams and recording exam results in the winter semester 2023/24. The information on the examination office website is also based on the new regulations.

Number of examination dates per semester

Up to and including the winter semester 2023/24, the rule remains that a total of only two examination dates (first and repeat) must be offered if the repeat date is also opened for first attempts.

Create and register for Examinations

For exam registration and grade recording, the function in the Moses account - MTS - should continue to be used for all degree programs administered in HIPOS (all except Physics and Historical Urban Studies). Examiners can create appointments, set and communicate registration deadlines, and record grades. Matriculated students then have the option to register. Registrations there are binding. It is also possible to register elective and additional modules via MTS.

create Examinations (procedure for Examiners):
go to https://moseskonto.tu-berlin.de  > log in with TU-B account > select MTS in the menu at the top > select create/edit module exams > create/edit new exam, then follow further instructions. For the implementation of the BerlHG regulation, according to which two exam dates should be offered for choice, you have the possibility to create two different dates in MTS for one exam. Students can then register for only one of the two dates.

Detailed instructions: Moses: Support (tu.berlin)

Examiners who primarily offer elective modules have the following alternative options for entering registrations. It is mandatory to communicate the form of registration to students at the beginning of the courses.

  •     Registration by sending a completed registration form (EMail, ISIS upload) to the examiners. The form is available on the website of the Examinations Department.
  •     Registration by participation
  •     other registration by entering in lists or similar (Matheservice e.g. MOSES)

Register for Examinations (procedure for students):
go to https://moseskonto.tu-berlin.de  > log in with TU-B account > select MTS in the menu at the top > in the menu on the left select Module examination - log in/log out, then follow the instructions.

detailed instructions: Moses: Support (tu.berlin)

recording grades by examiners

Grades are recorded by examiners in the module transfer system (MTS), provided that the examination registrations have been made there. This also includes the grades for elective and additional modules, as students can decide on the assignment to the respective programme area when registering.

After recording, grade lists can be generated in Excel format in MTS, which are formatted in such a way that an upload to QISPOS (compulsory and compulsory elective modules) is possible via the performance recording.

Please send the excel list with grades of the elective and additional modules, which can be generated via a separate button in MTS, via e-mail to ibrefl@pruefungen.tu-berlin.de or directly to the responsible teams.

QISPOS support provides assistance in case of technical problems.

If you are using a form of registration other than MTS, please check with support for QISPOS in advance to determine how to make grade posting as efficient as possible for all parties involved.

Retaking Examinations

Repeat examination deadlines are no longer in effect at TU Berlin unless they were individually determined in a legal dispute. Please note that failed exams must still be retaken or replaced (§ 70 II AllgStuPO) to earn a degree.

The repetition of a passed examination is not permitted according to § 70 para. 1 sentence 4 AllgStuPO.

Second repeat examinations are usually oral and must be registered in your responsible examination team using the examination registration form after making an appointment and before taking the examination.

Sick Notes

Please note that no sick notes that can be obtained online will be accepted for sick leave. It is necessary to submit attestations or sick notes (including quarantine orders if applicable) issued by licensed doctors usually no later than the day of the examination.

Compensation for Academic Adjustment

Students who are unable to participate in attendance events and/or attendance examinations for family and/or health reasons still have the opportunity to apply for academic adjustment compensation measures. This also applies to persons who have an increased risk of a severe course in the case of an infection with Covid-19 or who are in unavoidable contact with people who belong to the risk group according to the RKI. Requests must be submitted to the Board of Examiners sufficiently in advance of the examination to allow for processing and decision prior to the start of the examination.

Requests for an Academic Adjustment in the context of final examinations (e.g. extension of the processing period) should already be submitted when the application for topic issuance is made. The compensation for academic adjustments does not belong to the reasons according to the StuPO for which an extension of the processing period can take place, i.e. that, for example, a limited illness during the processing period can additionally extend this period.

If necessary, the Counseling Service for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses and the Family Office of the TU Berlin can assist you in finding alternatives to participate in studies and examinations in the presence of others.

Additional examination attempt after consulting the course guidance

Due to § 30 Abs. 4 S. 1 BerlHG, students receive one additional examination attempt per module if they have participated in a course advising session. This does not apply to the final thesis.

Until this requirement has been defined in the AllgStuPO, the regulation at the TU Berlin will be implemented as follows on a transitional basis.

  • The faculties determine which person(s) is responsible for this academic advising. Students choose the contact person according to the degree program in which they are enrolled. The following list is continuously updated:
    •     Fak I:    chair of the examination board and professorial deputies
    •     Fak II:   for students in Bachelor and Master Physics Prof. Breitschwerdt and Marten Richter, for mathematical programs
                        Prof. Dr. Tobias Breiten, for all others Mr. Marcel König
    •     Fak III:  Examination board of the respective study program in which the student is enrolled
    •     Fak IV:   Office of Academic and Student Affairs
    •     Fak V:    Office of Academic and Student Affairs
    •     Fak VI:   the chairs of the examination boards
    •     Fak VII:  Mrs. Dagmar Bauer pruefungsausschuss(at)wm.tu-berlin.de
    •     SETUB:  Mrs. Jana Huck
    •     GkWi:    info(at)gkwi.tu-berlin.de
  • The subject advising takes place if three examinations in a module have not been passed; free attempts are not counted.
  • The proof of the subject advising should be received by the team responsible for the study program in the Examinations Department within 6 weeks after the failed third examination attempt in a module; in the case of scheduling difficulties, notification of an appointment within the deadline is sufficient in exceptional cases. If the consultation is not proven within 6 weeks or the appointment proven within 6 weeks is not attended, the entitlement to a further examination attempt expires; the module is then considered to have been definitively failed.