I B - Examination Office

Special examination situations

Examinations during a leave of absence

Module exams

You are permitted to take exams during a leave of absence. However, this does not apply to portfolio examinations!! If you are registered for an exam that takes place during your leave of absence, you must de-register from the exam if you do not wish to take it. If you do not de-register, a non-excused absence will be assumed and the exam will be recorded with a grade of 5.0.

Final Thesis

If the submission deadline for your final thesis falls during your leave of absence, you must submit an application for extension of the deadline if you do not plan to submit your thesis on time during the leave of absence.

Requests for academic adjustments compensation in the context of final examinations (e.g. extension of the processing period) should already be submitted when the application for topic issuance is made. The compensation for academic adjustments does not belong to the reasons according to the StuPO for which an extension of the processing period can take place, i.e. that, for example, a limited illness during the processing period can additionally extend this period.

Academic adjustment in the event of pregnancy, parenthood, chronic illness, disability, and care

As a student with a disability or chronic illness, you receive academic adjustments with regards to coursework and assessments. The same applies to pregnancy, caring for and raising a child up to the age of ten, and caring for close relatives in need of care. You must submit an application for compensation to the examination board; it can be accompanied by a statement from the representative for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses, the psychological counseling service or the family office of the TU Berlin. The application should be submitted in good time so that the examiners still have the opportunity to adjust any necessary examination organization after the decision has been made.

Special considerations after exmatriculation

Continuation of initiated examination procedures

Any examination processes you begin before exmatriculation will continue. Examinations for which you were effectively registered before exmatriculation or which you already took (and need to re-take) do not end automatically.

Discontinuation of initiated examination procedures

If you do not want to continue the examination process, you must withdraw from exams within the registration period. Alternatively, you can request a suspension of the (retest) deadline from the examination board.

Resumption of studies after exmatriculation

If a deadline is suspended, it will automatically resume or continue with the resumption of studies, including in another degree program in which the corresponding module is also a compulsory component. You will not receive a special notification about the resumed deadline.

Examination registration after exmatriculation

After you have been exmatriculated, you cannot register for first exam attempts in your degree program's modules nor can you register final theses. Contact your examination team regarding retest attempts.

Reconsideration: contesting an examination evaluation

If you do not agree with an examination evaluation, you have the option of requesting a limited  reconsideration procedure pursuant to Section 68 of the General Study and Examination Regulations. You must submit the written request for reconsideration to your examination team within two months.