I B - Examination Office

General information about QISPOS

QISPOS allows TU Berlin students to view their academic performance and exam results as well as generate transcripts.

Students in the Physics bachelor’s and master’s programs as well as the Historical Urban Studies master’s program do not use QISPOS but rather the corresponding app in the tuPORT portal.

Instructors and academic chairs use QISPOS to enter grades and record student performance.


I have changed degree programs. I cannot view my accredited modules in my new degree program. What do I need to do in order to be able to view them again?

The examination team in the Examination Office are informed of modules approved by the examination committee so that they can then be added to the current degree program. When you view your transcript of records in QISPOS, accredited modules are marked with an asterisk.

I have changed my degree program starting the coming semester but I cannot see it in QISPOS.

The degree program will be automatically transferred to QISPOS at the start of the semester, i.e. on 15.04 or 15.10. At this point, you can register for examinations in this degree program.

The transcript of records shows different credit point totals. The number of credit points under master’s qualification is different to that for my overall account. Why is that?

Student accounts for calculating the transcript of records are updated automatically, usually during the night or on the weekend. If your credit points have not been updated by the following day, please notify us via the QISPOS contact form. We will then manually update your student account so that both accounts show the correct number of credit points.

Grades from previous semesters are missing from my transcript of records. Who do I need to contact to have these added?

For questions relating to problems with the information contained in your student account (e.g. missing grades), please contact your exams team or inquire within your academic chair.

Natural Sciences in the Information Society: How do I register for “Mathematik für Physiker” modules 1-4?

These modules are assigned to the degree programs Physics, and Natural Sciences in the Information Society.
Students studying in the Physics degree program can register via SAP.
Students studying in the Natural Sciences in the Information Society degree program should request proof of courses taken from their academic chair and present these to their exams team in order to register.

Does exam registration take place via QISPOS again?

Does exam registration take place via QISPOS again?

No! The online exam registration only takes place via the module transfer system!