I B - Examination Office

Final Theses

Registration of Thesis

To register for theses, please contact your examination team by email.

  • You will receive the registration form from your exam team on request.
  • You send the completed  form from your TU e-mail account to your examination team.
  • Your exam team will check the prerequisite, fill out their part of the form and send it to the first examiner.
  • The first examiner determines the topic, suggests a second examiner, signs the form and forwards it to the examination board.
  • The examination board sends its decision to the examination team.
  • You will then receive information about the specified topic and the submission deadline by email to your TUB account or by post. The submission deadline is determined based on the regulations of your StuPO.

Thesis processing period

The thesis processing period begins the day the examination team assigns you your topic. It ends at a fixed time.

Application to extend processing period

You must submit a request to extend the processing period to your examination team before the standard period ends. No specific form is usually required. But some examination boards provide forms; please check the website of your examination board for more information. If you are requesting an extension due to illness, you must include a sick note (Gelber Schein) from your doctor with your application. A detailed sick note (Attest) is required upon the third request for extension. If you are requesting an extension due to reasons of content, include a statement from your first examiner with the application.

Submission of final thesis

  • Theses are usually submitted by post (2 printed copies + one electronic version on enclosed stick or CD. Please do not send the electronic version via e-mail). With the consent of both examiners, the submission can also be made exclusively electronically; students are obliged to coordinate the form of submission with the examiners in time.
  • For electronic submission, email the paper in PDF format to your relevant exam team or deposit it in the cloud and send us the link. Please also attach a photo or scan of your application form.
  • The file of the thesis should be named as follows: Thesis_YourMatriculate Number.pdf
  • We ask you to provide the following information in the text of the email:
    • Surname:
    • Matriculation number:
    • Degree and course:
    • Name and email address of first examiner:
    • Name and email address of the second examiner:
    • Title of the submitted work:
    • Declaration that the work contains a declaration of independence in accordance with Section 46 (8) AllgStuPO.
    • If the thesis is written in a foreign language that is not the language of examination according to the study and examination regulations: Declaration that the thesis contains a German summary. Please refer to the information sheets, our website and your StuPO for the information that is necessary.

      If the submission deadline ends on a weekend or a public holiday, the submission deadline is automatically extended without an application until the following working day of your examination team. Please note that you register your work before you start working on the content. Theses are generally only accepted by your examination team after half of the processing time specified in the study regulations of the degree program has expired. You can submit your completed final thesis to your examination team, the Campus Center, or in a sealed envelope to the information desk in the TU Berlin Main Building. Submission of the final thesis is to be documented. If your submission deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is automatically extended to the next business day of your examination team. Please make sure to register your thesis before you begin working on it.

Your examination team will not accept your final thesis until after half of the processing period as stated in your degree program’s study regulations has elapsed.

Early submission of the final thesis

Do you want to submit your final thesis to your examination team during the first half of the processing period? Then you must also submit a statement from your first examiner explaining the early submission. This statement must also be confirmed by the examination board. This is added to your examination file. If this statement or the confirmation from the examination board is missing, your examination team will inform the examination board and request you to submit the necessary statement. This also applies if you submit your final thesis early to the Campus Center or information desk due to the closing hours of your examination team.

Submission deadline during a leave of absence

Does the submission deadline fall during your leave of absence so that you are unable to submit the thesis on time? Then you must submit an application for extension.