Production and Operations Management

AutoPOM - Production and Operations Management in the Automotive Industry

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The module gives an overview of the most important tasks related to production and operations management in the automotive industry and discusses how techniques from forecasting and optimization provide computer-based decision support.

It presents specific challenges automotive managers face in strategical, tactical and operational planning situations and discusses state-of-the-art concepts and methods to tackle these challenges. Case studies and various examples from industry are used for illustration and exercise reasons. By adopting and extending provided model formulations, students improve their skills in the application of methods from operations research to industry problems.

Other students especially liked this:

  • exciting topic, prepared in a super practical way
  • the mixture of theoretical basics, solution approaches and application cases
  • visits to companies to gain insights into the practice
  • exchange and cooperation with students from all over the world
  • the colourful mixture of teaching methods


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