Faculty VI - Planning Building Environment

Faculty VI Study Programs

In Faculty VI – Planning Building Environment, around 5,000 students study architecture, civil engineering, geoscience and geodesy, landscape architecture, environmental planning and ecology, sociology, as well as urban and regional planning in 20 different bachelor’s, master’s, and continuing education programs. Our students examine global challenges, urbanization and resource depletion, climate change and adaptation, as well as digitalization and innovation in planning and building, thus making an important contribution to the responsible and innovative design of the human habitat and environment while considering sustainable resource use.

Our degree programs are characterized by a high degree of interdisciplinarity as well as a strong emphasis on research and practical relevance. We use a wide range of teaching and learning formats with studio projects at the core. Our partnerships around the world mean our students have a number of opportunities to gain valuable and interesting experiences abroad in exchange semesters, dual degree programs, and internships.

TU Berlin has had system accreditation since 2021 and ensures the quality of its degree programs through an internal accreditation process.

Bachelor’s degree programs

Master’s degree programs

Continuing education master’s programs

Dual degree programs

Our dual degree programs enable you to earn about half of your required credits abroad. Upon completion of the program, you will receive a degree from TU Berlin and the foreign partner university.

Dual degree programs are not independent study programs. Students must already be enrolled in one of our corresponding master’s programs.

Discontinued degree programs

It is no longer possible to enroll in the following degree programs.

Diplom and Magister degree programs

Diplom and Magister degree programs