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Study & Internships Abroad

Faculty VI offers a number of opportunities abroad for you to gain valuable international experience. Whether you want to study elsewhere in Europe or overseas, pursue a dual degree, or complete an internship abroad, it is important to inform yourself early on and plan your stay.

Study abroad in Europe and overseas

Faculty VI cooperates with numerous European universities through the ERASMUS+ program. Read our ERASMUS+ brochure to learn about which universities you can study at as part of your degree program, who to contact, and when to apply.

Further information about ERASMUS+ and how to apply is available on the Department of International Affairs website.

The Department of International Affairs website also has information about exchange programs with partner universities overseas. These programs are often especially attractive as partner universities generally waive tuition fees for TU students and you can receive a scholarship from TU Berlin.

However, you can also organize a study abroad at an international university yourself. The Department of International Affairs is happy to advise.

Dual degree programs

Faculty VI currently offers its students four dual degree programs in architecture, urban and regional planning, and urban design. They are targeted towards students enrolled in one of the corresponding master’s programs at TU Berlin who are interested in earning a degree from a partner university in addition to TU Berlin.

Further information about program content and how to apply is available on the dual degree program pages.

International internships

Internships in Europe: ERASMUS+ funding

ERASMUS+ offers scholarships for both mandatory and voluntary internships in Europe lasting two to twelve months. Refer to the TU Berlin Career Service website for information on how to apply.

Further information & contact

Info desk

The info desk in the Campus Center is your first point of contact for all questions about studying abroad.