Faculty VI - Planning Building Environment

Dimitrov Foundation Award

About the award

The Dimitrov Award is given to students studying architecture and civil engineering. The prize is awarded every year, alternating between the two courses of study every two years.

The idea is to honor outstanding master’s theses which contribute to dialog and exchange between architecture and civil engineering. Award recipients are nominated by their degree programs and confirmed by the Faculty Board of Faculty VI. Recipients receive a certificate and prize money.

About Nikola Spassov Dimitrov

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr.-Ing. E. h.

Born 29 April 1921 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Died 3 July 1997

On 24 October 1986, Nikola S. Dimitrov was awarded the academic title honorary doctor of engineering (Doktor-Ingenieur Ehren halber - Dr.-Ing. E. h.) by Technische Universität Berlin in recognition of his outstanding achievements in the further development of civil engineering and his services to a common understanding between architects and engineers.

In 1988, on the occasion of the third anniversary of his honorary doctorate, he bequeathed an endowment to TU Berlin to promote cooperation between architects and engineers. Prizes are awarded annually at Faculty VI for the best final theses in the field of architecture and civil engineering from the funds of the Förderpreis-Dimitrov-Stiftung (Dimitrov Foundation).