Examination Board

The examination board is responsible for organizing all examinations. It is also responsible for recognizing previous periods of study, examinations, and credits; providing a list of examiners; and taking decisions regarding suitable examination conditions for students with long-term or permanent physical disabilities. In particular, the examination board ensures that the provisions of the General Study and Examination Regulations of TU Berlin (AllgStuPO) and the provisions of the Study and Examination Regulations for the respective degree program are observed.

The university professors have the majority of votes in the examination boards; the chairperson is elected from among them.

    Recognizing previously obtained credits

    Recognizing previously obtained credits for TU Berlin students

    To have credits recognized which you earned at another university, you must submit the Application for Recognition of Previously Obtained Credits (Part B) together with a list of equivalent modules and your certificates of completion with confirmation from the other university to the examination board.

    You can find the study and examination regulations as well as the module catalog on the website of your degree program. The contact information for the examination board is provided below.

    Recognizing credits when transferring to another degree program

    Students from another university who want to request placement in one of the above degree programs must first have their credits recognized by the examination board. The board also makes a decision regarding placement in a degree semester.

    The procedure is identical to that for recognizing previously obtained credits for TU Berlin students. However, you must also complete the Application for Recognition of Previously Obtained Credits (Part A). If you hope to be placed in a higher degree semester, you must submit your application to the examination board two months before the application deadline. The higher degree semester indicated on your application must be identical to your placement by the examination board.

    Recognizing the equivalence of degree programs

    To have another degree program recognized as equivalent to one of the above TU Berlin degree programs, you must submit the following: Diplom, bachelor’s, or master’s certificate including number of ECTS and grades. For Landscape Architecture: You must also include designs from student projects.

    International students

    International students should contact Student Mobility for initial information.

    Extending examination deadlines

    To extend an examination deadline, please submit a request with the following information:

    • Name, matriculation number
    • Module number and name
    • Original completion period/submission date
    • New completion period/submission date
    • Reason for your request
    • Approval from the (module) supervisor, including signature and stamp

    Chair of the examination board

    ChairProf. Dr. Birgit Kleinschmit
    Vice ChairProf. Barbara Hutter
    Prof. Dr. Eva Paton


    Please always contact the office of the examination board with any questions. You should also submit all requests to the office.


    Office EB 16
    Room EB 307
    Address Straße des 17. Juni 145
    10623 Berlin


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    Further information & downloads

    Examination Office

    General information about registering and de-registering from examinations as well as assistance with special cases is available on the Examination Office website.