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Faculty VI Women and Gender Equality Officers

Key areas of responsibility

The women and gender equality officers in Faculty VI are proactively committed to issues of equal opportunities, the advancement of women, and gender equality. They also offer information, advising, and support across a wide range of issues.

Our women and gender equality officers

NameTerm of office
Aylin Akyildiz
15.10.2023 to 14.10.2025
Anne Dittmer
15.04.2023 to 14.04.2025
A. Trautmann
15.06.2022 to 14.06.2024
Simona Uhlemann
01.07.2022 to 30.06.2024


Faculty VI Women and Gender Equality Officers


+49 30 314 21652

Building BH-N
Room BH-N 203
Address Ernst-Reuter Platz 1
10623 Berlin
This phone is not staffed all the time. We try to call back if possible. Please continue to contact us primarily by email.

Further information

Mission and offers

We are proactively dedicated to the following work within higher education policy:

  • Drafting, implementing, and guiding issues of equal opportunities, women’s advancement, and gender equality
  • Equal development opportunities and elimination of existing disadvantages for all persons due to their gender

We offer information, advising, and support on all matters related to everyday university life, particularly:

  • Participation in all staffing and appointment procedures, including contract renewals and increased working hours, for all member groups (from student assistants to professors) 

  • Implementation of gender aspects in teaching and research
  • Assistance with all issues related to gender mainstreaming and gender competence, e.g. inclusive language
  • Finance planning and programming for study and career programs, e.g. events, funding opportunities, and continuing education and advising offers
  • For questions about balancing family life with work/your career
  • In cases of conflict/bullying, as well as (sexualized) discrimination, harassment, and violence
  • Individual advising

In addition, we serve in an advisory capacity on the faculty’s committees and in conceptual and structural processes (e.g. faculty’s plan for the advancement of women, target agreements, academic reform). We actively participate in a network of other equal opportunities stakeholders both at and outside of TU Berlin.

The women and gender equality officers are elected by the women’s council (see below) and appointed by the Executive Board.

Women’s council

The women’s council is comprised of a woman and a deputy from each of the four status groups. Members are elected by the female members of the faculty for a two-year term of office.

Responsibilities of the women’s council:

  • Electing the women and gender equality officers and their deputies
  • Supporting the work of the women’s representatives

The current members of women’s council (until 31 March 2024) are:

Status groupNameDeputy 
ProfessorsEva PatonStephanie Kramer-Schadt 
Academic staffEdda OstertagBirgit Maria Klauck 
StudentsLena Isabell HeeseCurrently vacant 
Employees in technology, service and administrationCurrently vacantCurrently vacant