Faculty VI - Planning Building Environment

Committee for Ethics in Research at Faculty VI


The Committee for Ethics in Research at Faculty VI (KEF VI) is a committee of the Faculty Board. KEF VI has seven voting members, including four professors, one academic staff member, one student, and one employee from technology, service, and administration and their deputies. If necessary, the faculty can expand the committee to include additional members. Members are appointed by the Faculty Board.

The chair of KEF VI is Professor Dr. Jörg Gleiter (Chair of Architectural Theory).

Upon request, the committee reviews the ethical aspects of research work proposed by Faculty VI members. To this end, it assesses the ethical aspects of a proposal based on the recognized standards for ethics in research in the relevant discipline. KEF VI does not provide assessments for current research projects.

Further information about its work can be found in the bylaws.

Submitting a request

To submit a request, you must be a member of Faculty VI. Please submit your request in German or English via email.

Take care to ensure you have provided all information in full. A complete request includes:

a) the request form,
b) the principles for ethics in research for the discipline
c) the research proposal and all annexes (e.g. instructions, questionnaires)

A vote is taken based on the information provided in the request form.