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Course Guidance

The degree program website provides all essential information on studying, modules, degree schedule, examinations, and credit transfer. If you have a question, please check there first.

If you still cannot find what you are looking for, we are happy to help you.

Mission and offers

Course Guidance is the first point of contact for all students and prospective students with questions about studying, schedules, and study content. We aim to help you plan and complete your studies. We also advise prospective students to help them find the right degree program.

If you are having problems in your studies and want to talk about it with another student, Course Guidance is the right place. Additionally, together with the rest of the academic chair, we organize introductory events at the start of the semester for new students.

Please note: Information provided by Course Guidance is not legally binding. Please contact the responsible offices instead, particularly the examination board, Examination Office, and Office of Student Affairs.

Other important contacts are the degree program officer Professor Thekla Schulz-Brize and the instructors in your degree program.