Examination Board

The examination board is responsible for organizing all examinations. It is also responsible for recognizing previous periods of study, examinations, and credits; providing a list of examiners; and taking decisions regarding suitable examination conditions for students with long-term or permanent physical disabilities. In particular, the examination board ensures that the provisions of the General Study and Examination Regulations of TU Berlin (AllgStuPO) and the provisions of the Study and Examination Regulations for the respective degree program are observed.

The university professors have the majority of votes in the examination boards; the chairperson is elected from among them.

Chair of the examination board

ChairProf. Dr. Tomás Fernandez-Steeger
Vice ChairProf. Dr. Frank Börner
Prof. Dr. Thomas Neumann

Office of the examination board

Please send applications and inquiries to the Geotechnology Examination Board by email only to the following address.

Examination Board Geotechnology

Further information

Examination Office

General information about registering and de-registering from examinations as well as assistance with special cases is available on the Examination Office website.