CIP-Pool 29

User Account Changeover

Since SoSe 2012, CIP-Pool 29 transitioned to the use of the TU accounts.

This resulted in several changes as well as a new procedure.

General changes:

  • It is no longer possible to use the previous CIP-Pool 29 accounts. As of 1.10.2012, only tubIT accounts can be used.

  • Student accounts from the old CIP-Pool 29 user directory will be activated for the new procedure with tubIT accounts once your student status has been confirmed for the semester.

  • Staff accounts will not be transfered as the old and new accounts are different and it is not possible to match an old user account to a new one. -> You need to register again!

  • You can collect the new form from the student assistants in the tutor office in CIP-Pool 29.

  • Please note: There is now a single form for reserving the teaching lab, directories, and projectors.

Course and project accounts and joint directories:

  • General accounts are no longer available.

If you require a joint directory for working in CIP-Pool 29, then a user group must first be created. Lecturers can then add participants/users to the group. This means that the former project accounts are now user groups. The team function of the TU portal is used to enter all authorized tubIT accounts.

Further information about using the team function is available on the Campus Management website.

Using joint directories and AFS:

A directory with the tubIT organizational unit name is created for each academic chair on the CIP-Pool 29 file server. The course/project directories are created under this main directory. User groups with access rights are allocated to the project directories.

The available storage space is equally allocated to all units.

-> If you have two courses and have filled your allocated storage space, it is not possible to provide you with further storage.

Please note! Membership in this group does not automatically authorize you to sign in to the computers in the lab. You must confirm the regulations of use on the general registration form.

Please note: AFS client software is installed on all computers in CIP-Pool 29. This means you can use your own AFS directory to store files.

For individual advice, please feel free to contact me


With kind regards,

Frank Junggeburth