CIP-Pool 29

Regulations of Use

  1.  CIP-Pool 29 can be used by members of TU Berlin in the Landscape Planning, Urban and Regional Planning, as well as Sociology and Technology Studies degree programs to conduct computer-aided work for University purposes. Students and staff from other degree programs and faculties as well as scientific institutions may also use the computer lab until further notice.
  2.  All members of TU Berlin may access CIP-Pool 29, with the exception of any persons whose access has been blocked by other University units (e.g. Campus Management). Opening hours, including any changes to these, are published on the CIP-Pool 29 website.
  3. You are required to handle the equipment, programs, and data provided responsibly and with care. All users are requested to also treat the other equipment as responsibly as possible and keep computer workstations tidy.
  4. The computer lab may only be used for University purposes.
  5. User accounts are tied to an individual. You are prohibited from sharing your login information with others.
  6. Food, beverages, smoking, as well as pets are not permitted in CIP-Pool 29.
  7.  Defects or soiling caused by improper use will be professionally repaired/cleaned. The costs will be borne by the persons who caused the damage (in the case of group events, by the persons responsible).
  8.  Users accept their allocated storage space. A backup of user data is not guaranteed. You are responsible for securing your data.
  9. If you vacate or lock your work station for more than 10 minutes, it will be made available to other users. This means that our staff may re-start or otherwise make the work station available to other users.
  10. Manuals and other aids can be loaned from the staff at the counter. You must provide your student ID as deposit. Staff are also available to answer questions regarding the hardware and software in the lab.
  11. Depending on the printer used, printing is for a fee. You are required to confirm that the cost has been correctly deducted from your print account once you have completed printing. Complaints submitted at a later date cannot be recognized. An account balance (min 2 EUR) is only paid out when you officially close your user account.
  12. Using external media: Users assume full responsibility for their burned data, i.e. for the content and use of CD/DVDs. Users expressly declare that they are aware of and accept the licensing conditions of the data provider(s) and that the data may be copied. Users assume sole responsibility for ensuring that the copying, use of copied data, etc. is in accordance with legal regulations.
  13. Copying non-license software or contents such as those in item 12 of these Regulations of Use is strictly prohibited.
  14.  You are not permitted to copy programs or files provided by CIP-Pool 29, with the exception of freeware/OSS products. By signing these Regulations of Use, users expressly acknowledge that responsibility for the legal copying, use of the copied data, etc. lies solely with them.
  15. Use of the computers for viewing, creating, copying, displaying and transmitting content that glorifies violence, incites hatred, or displays pornography, racism or sexism is prohibited, as is unauthorized access or manipulation of computers in CIP-Pool 29 or other computers.
  16. Users are prohibited from installing or starting third-party software on computers in CIP Pool 29. Please contact us with any concerns or complaints. Special software for courses must be requested at least one month in advance and is only installed if the licenses are available and the software can be automatically installed using the means available in CIP-Pool 29.
  17. Users who violate these Regulations of Use may have their access temporarily or completely revoked and be prohibited from entering CIP-Pool 29.
  18. Technische Universität Berlin and subordinate institutions as well as the responsible employees assume no joint liability for financial and legal consequences of misconduct on the part of users (e.g. violations of press and copyright law, installation of unlicensed software, illegal provision and copying of software and data).
  19. Furthermore, the framework regulations and other resolutions for the information technology facilities of TU Berlin apply in the currently valid version.
  20. Use of the equipment in CIP-Pool 29 is at your own risk. CIP-Pool 29 is not liable for any damages.

F. Junggeburth (phone 314 73312)
Berlin, 26.10.2022