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CIP-Pool 29

The computer lab, CIP-Pool 29, is part of Faculty VI - Planning Building Environment at TU Berlin. Its primary purpose is to support the degree programs in the Institutes of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, Urban and Regional Planning, Sociology and Ecology. However, the lab can also be used by all other students as well as members of TU Berlin.

In addition to general tasks such as monitoring and updating equipment and supporting CIP-Pool users, we are also responsible for CAD and GIS applications in accordance with an internal faculty agreement. We are happy to answer any questions about the lab

and provide assistance.

Office EB 14
Building EB
Room 420
Address Straße des 17. Juni 145
10623 Berlin
on workdays9:15 - 18:00

Student assistants

  • Özge Yazici (Environmental Planning)
  • Qiuandra Taylor (Environmental Planning)
  • Shirin Akter Mony (Environmental Planning)
  • Ramsha Tauqeer (Environmental Planning)
  • Ilgem Coban (Environmental Planning)
  • Melis Soytürk (Environmental Planning)
  • Rayhanul Islam (Environmental Planning)
Building EB
Room 427

IT admins

  • Muhammad Hamza Hashmi
  • Thomas Latsch
Building EB
Room 427a

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