Faculty VI - Planning Building Environment

Faculty VI Dean’s Office and Management

Faculty VI – Planning Building Environment is managed by the members of the Dean’s Office. This includes the dean and several deputies. The dean and vice deans are elected by the Faculty Board; the dean’s responsibilities are laid out in Section 19 of the Constitution of Technische Universität Berlin.


Prof. Dr.

Kristin Wellner


Vice dean of research

Prof. Dr.

Tomas Manuel Fernandez-Steeger


Vice dean of academics and teaching


Jörg Stollmann


Vice dean of internationalization and junior scholars

Prof. Dr.

Martin Kada


Vice dean of campus development

Prof. Dr.

Wolfgang Huhnt


Faculty Administration

The Dean's Office is supported by the Faculty Service Center (FSC).

The Faculty Service Center’s responsibilities include space and personnel management as well as the entire budget management of the faculty and its units. In addition, it is responsible for the coordination of all study programs of the faculty, including their quality assurance, as well as professorial appointment planning and the implementation of appointment, doctorate and habilitation procedures. The tasks and contact persons for research, the scientific advancement of junior scholars, international affairs, equal opportunities and public relations of the faculty are also located in the FSC.

Head of the administration of the Faculty VI

Where to find us

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Faculty VI - Planning Building Environment

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