Knowledge Dynamics and Sustainable Technology


A public space is a valuable meeting place for people, animals and nature. In the rokit competence cluster, we are investigating the significance of mobile robots in these spaces. Robots can pick up cigarette butts from the lawn, transport packages or inspect buildings.  With their work, they should contribute to a better quality of life. But public spaces also present a number of specific challenges for robots:
The interaction between humans and robots is diverse and often unpredictable. It poses safety hazards that are accompanied by unclear legal frameworks.
The public image of robots is highly ambivalent: On the one hand, expectations are high; on the other, many people are afraid of robots: afraid of interacting with the machine, afraid of being replaced by it.
The tension between technical, but above all ethical, legal and design issues requires interdisciplinary solution strategies. In the competence cluster rokit, normative, creative and evaluative work is being done on these topics - from different professional perspectives. The aim is to develop interdisciplinary design approaches, as well as test and inspection procedures, in order to enable the sensible use of robots in public spaces.


ResponsibleProf. Sabine Ammon, Dr. Peter Remmers, Nele Fischer, Lena Fiedler
FinancedBundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung