Department II - Human Resources and Legal Affairs

Our services for personnel

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Vocational Training at TU Berlin

TU Berlin has been providing vocational training in a number of fields for over 40 years. It currently offers training in 15 recognized professions. Each year, some 50 trainees successfully complete their training at TU Berlin and many go on to find a position at the University.

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Staff Development & Continuing Education

TU Berlin's strategic staff development aims to help you regularly gain new qualifications and skills and is made up of three pillars: continuing education, advising and support, and staff development instruments.

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Health Management

The Health Management Office at TU Berlin develops and organizes offers and measures promoting good health. It also advises employees when returning to work after an extended period of illness.

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Traveling Expenses

Traveling Expenses offers advising as well as a number of services regarding official travel, from advance payment of travel expenses through to settlement of your expenses after your return.

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Human Resources

Human Resources is responsible for all personnel matters relating to employment at the University, starting with the hiring process and salary payments through to your departure from the University.

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Family Services Office

The Family Services Office provides a wide range of offers on topics such as balancing work and family life or caring for loved ones. We are here to answer all your questions regarding flexible working hours, maternity protection, parental leave, childcare, caring for family members, and more.

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Central Document Service

Central Document Service is responsible for all written communication and documents from Human Resources. It also issues certificates, edits official documents, and prepares circulars and current notices.