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  • We are looking for student workers willing to support us in several teaching areas, e.g. 'Praktikum Leistungselektronik'. Knowledge and qualifications in power electronics are a must. Please apply to the secretariat E2.
  • Also, we are frequently looking for student workers for GLETS. Please apply to Marius Kaufmann-Bühler or secretariat E2 under code 3431 T 20/23..
  • We are now hiring two Research Assistants with Teaching Duties. Approximately the positions will be available in December 2023/January 2024. Here are the details to the reference numbers: IV-478/23 and IV-479/23. Please make sure to refer your application to the correct reference number. We are looking forward to your application!
  • Announcement: Soon we'll offer a postdoc position for the coordination of a DFG project.

For more information please check out our open positions.