Experimental Nanophysics and Photonics

Lecture solid state physics

The two-semester lecture on solid state physics is the focus of the elective course of the same name. The aim of the lecture is to teach the fundamentals of physics in the field of solid state physics and various experimental investigation methods. The lecture is accompanied by exercises in which the students learn experimental methods in small groups, present them to the other participants in the form of a lecture and then demonstrate them in the laboratory.

The lecture in the winter semester is mainly divided into the following chapters: structural properties of crystals, diffraction at periodic structures, dynamics of crystal lattices, thermal properties, free electrons in the solid state and electronic band structure, transport properties. The structure of the ideal and disordered solid from single atoms and the resulting atomistic and electronic structures are covered. Particular emphasis is placed on thermal and electrical properties.

The lecture in the summer semester is mainly divided into the following chapters: dielectric properties, solid surfaces and interfaces (fundamentals and applications), electrical and optical properties of semiconductors, semiconductor devices, magnetism and superconductivity. The interactions of various particles and quasiparticles (electrons, phonons, photons, excitons, polaritons, magnons, plasmons) are discussed.


Prof. Dr. M. Kneissl

Prof. Dr. N. Nickel

PD Dr. Patrick Vogt

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Exercise dates:
In general, the tutorial takes place on Wednesdays at 12:15-13:45.
Topics of the tutorial can be found on ISIS.


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