Experimental Nanophysics and Photonics

Advanced Physics Lab Course (Bachelor Program)

Advanced Physics Lab Course (Bachelor Program)

The advanced physics practical course (FP) is a compulsory course in the bachelor's degree program in physics. The focus is on experiments from all areas of physics, which are supervised in the working groups of the Institute of Solid State Physics, Institute of Optics and Atomic Physics and Berlin research institutes

Registrations for the summer semester '23 can already be done by mail. Current information is available on ISIS. For summer semester 2023: https://isis.tu-berlin.de/course/view.php?id=32290

The FP has a weighting of 12 credit points (see module description)


Dr. Tim Wernicke


Telefon 79705

Raum EW 640

Registration is directly with Tim Wernicke in room EW 640 or by email.
In the bachelor program, the following prerequisites must be met for admission to the FP (at the time of placement at the beginning of the semester):

  • Experimental physics exam 
  • at least one theory certificate
  • Knowledge of higher experimental physics, especially solid state physics (Exp. V) is advantageous.

Registration deadlines are 15.3 and 15.9. for summer and winter semester respectiviely. About 40 students can join the FP each semester.

Limited capacity In the case of more registered students than the available experiments the students will be informed by mail. The participants will be decided by drawn by lot according to § 48 AllgStuPO.

Further reading
Introduction to the error calculation.


Building Eugene-Wigner-Gebäude
Room EW 640
Address Hardenberg Str. 36
10623 Berlin