Plant Ecology

Research Profile

Our research focuses on urban ecology, ecology of invasive plants, conservation, biodiversity and ecosystem services.

In urban ecology, we study biodiversity patterns of urban habitats and the mechanisms of urban biodiversity (e.g., influence of land use, urban climate, dispersal processes, urban matrix).

In invasion ecology, we explore the impact of non-native species (neobiota) on biodiversity and ecosystem functions, mechanisms of neobiota dispersal, and management of invasive neobiota.

Furthermore, we address quantification of ecosystem services (e.g., carbon sequestration in forests, dust sequestration by roadside vegetation), perception of biodiversity and ecosystem services, and enhancing ecosystem services in landscape design.

In the field of nature conservation, we develop and research guiding principles for novel conservation objects (e.g. urban habitats, monuments, neobiota) and deal with possibilities of management to promote biodiversity especially of urban habitats.