Open Distributed Systems
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The Open Distributed Systems Group

The ODS team is a lively and dynamic group of academics, researchers, and users from around the world who are passionate about distributed systems and information management. We conduct research on intelligent distributed/decentralized information systems in the areas of highly scalable dynamic data management (data stream processing), distributed query processing, (information) modelling, semantics, data representation and data storage, interoperability, and real-time networking. To do so, ODS researches, develops, and applies methods for the areas of distributed systems, Semantic Web, Linked Data, databases, Internet of Things and AI.

Our novel theoretical approaches are being validated through the implementation of toolkits and systems. According to Marc Andreessen’s motto “software is eating the world”, ODS builds software systems in the tradition of the Internet/Web community, internationally leading universities and IT companies. This combination of basic research and applied systems development enables a direct feedback loop between our research questions and their practical evaluation in a mutually stimulating process which is the basis of our research philosophy.

ODS researches and teaches in close  in close cooperation Fraunhofer FOKUS, DCAITI, the  Weizenbaum Institute and Objectives 3 and 5 of the Berlin University Alliance.

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