Sustainable Corporate Development

Global Production Engineering Digital (GPE-D)


The Corona pandemic has made cross-border student mobility massively more difficult. Physical presence on site is often not possible, and travel to Germany for study purposes is currently only feasible with great effort. While providers from the Anglo-American region have already been benefiting from the advantages of established digital teaching for several years, Germany as a location for study and research is still distinguished in the international perception by the high attractiveness of the range of face-to-face courses. The GPE-D (Global Production Engineering Digital) project is intended to contribute to making Germany's degree programs more attractive in digital form as well. GPE-D adds digital courses to the existing range of courses offered by GPE Berlin and enables students to study the course digitally. Thus, the part-time GPE-D curriculum offers the opportunity to increase the internationality of applicants and to bring the transfer of knowledge from the field of global production engineering to new regions. Curricula that primarily address sustainable production can thus be taught globally and contribute to sustainable development through education.


The aim of the project is to develop and establish a digital course offering "GPE Digital" of the postgraduate master's program GPE at the Technische Universität Berlin. In the course of this process, digital teaching and learning concepts will be developed in close cooperation with the instructors, which will form the basis for a guideline for the digitalization of production technology and management teaching content. Instruction will be designed to be largely independent of location and time, thus enabling part-time, continuing master's studies. This contributes to students having lower financial expenses and thus makes it possible to address new target groups, especially in the Global South.


Dipl.-Ing. Valentin Eingarnter
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