Neural Information Processing

Potential - Support Vector Machine (P-SVM)

We offer a first implementation of the new P-SVM algorithm, a software for support vector classification, regression and feature extraction. 

PSVM Documentation - Introduction to P-SVM and software features
PSVM Manual - Detailed description of all included software components and sample files
PSVM SMO Technical Report - Description of the algorithm used within the software
Software Licence - This software is published under the GNU General Public License

Download, compile and tryout the software version 1.31(beta) (2008-05-25) with samples and documentation files:

psvm.tar.gz - compressed files as tar-file - same files in zip format

- To take advantage of all functions of the software GNU-Plot is needed.
- One additional dataset is referenced in the sample section of the software.
- The SVM implementation libsvm is also referenced in the software, but not required.

Please report bugs and errors to Tilman Knebel. If you use this software in your application, please cite:

Hochreiter, J. and Obermayer, K. (2006). Support Vector Machines for Dyadic DataNeural Comput., 18, 1472 – 1510.