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Rauch and Thomsen Present Their Teams and Concepts Online

Candidates for the office of president at TU Berlin Geraldine Rauch and Christian Thomsen have each published a website presenting their team, concepts, and plans for the future of the University:

Issue of Vaccination Stickers Continues in Main Building

Students are no longer required to book an appointment. The collection point is open three times a week.

Updated on 13 January 2022 at 17:00

Students continue to be able to collect their vaccination stickers and proof of vaccination from the coatroom in the Main Building. The collection point is open…

Nominations for the Offices of the Vice Presidents by the Academic Senate

Christian Schröder, Annette Mayer, and Ulf Schrader nominated

On 18 November 2021, the Academic Senate nominated three further candidates for the offices of the vice presidents at TU Berlin. Christian Schröder and Professor Dr. Annette Mayer (both of TU Berlin)…

Creating Change: Perspectives from Social Entrepreneurs

International alumni of the FU Berlin, TU Berlin, HU Berlin and the Charité talk about their ideas and how they turned into start-ups

Finding problems and solving them - in a nutshell, that's what social entrepreneurship is about. HU-Alumnus Ali Mehdi from India, FU-Alumna Vuyokazie Kadalie from South Africa, TU-Alumnus Waldo Soto…

The Federal Government Must Be Held Accountable for #IchbinHanna

An article by TU Berlin president Christian Thomsen in the Tagesspiegel

TU Berlin president Christian Thomsen has entered the public debate surrounding the latest amendment to the Berlin State Higher Education Act (BerlHG). In his most recent article in the Tagesspiegel,…

Election of the President and 1st Vice President: Board of Trustees Follows the Academic Senate in Nominating Candidates

On 5 November 2021, the Board of Trustees at TU Berlin followed the Academic Senate by nominating Professor Dr. Geraldine Rauch of the Charité, current president Professor Christian Thomsen, and TU…

Submit Your Project Proposal to Mall Anders by 15 November!

The initiative welcomes innovative courses, student projects, project workshops, and science communication events at the interface between university and society

Mall Anders - the open learning laboratory of the Berlin universities - is looking for innovative courses, student projects, project labs and science communication events at the interface between…

Experience the Diversity of European Languages

Learn languages together with the ENHANCE community and sign up now for the alliance’s language tandems

ENHANCE Language Tandems are a new offer open to anyone who likes learning languages by talking with native speakers and other learners. TU staff and students can now team up with their opposite…

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Temporary emergency email server to be shut off on 1 November 2021

Please secure any emails you received to the server between 1 May and 16 August 2021

updated on 16 September at 12:00

On 1 November 2021, TU Berlin's emergency email server (Notmail) will be permanently deactivated. Following this, it will no longer be possible to access the…