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News Overview

Restricted University Library Services at TU Berlin

The Architecture and Art Studies Department Library, the Physics Library, and the Economics and Management Library (DBWM) at TU Berlin are reopening

updated 25 June 2021, 15:07

Due to an IT attack, the TU Berlin and UdK Berlin libraries are currently offering restricted services only.

Opening hours:

  • TU Berlin and UdK Berlin University…

IT Attack: Information about Security Incident at TU Berlin

TU Berlin acts in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

updated 19 May 2021, 17:51

Based on analyses of the IT attack, TU Berlin has established that data has been breached. In compliance with Article 34 GDPR, all members of the University were informed…

Student Info Service contactable again

Please note, however, that due to the IT attack, we are still unable to access SAP systems and provide answers to individual questions about your account.

updated 15 June 2021, 14:30

The Office of Student Affairs and Student Info Services can be contacted by email at telefonservice(at)

Please note that it is not possible to answer individual…

Sophos Antivirus Program: Updates Active Again

Virus signatures automatically updated again

updated 17 May 2021, 19:02

The attack on the IT systems at TU Berlin resulted in a temporary interruption to Sophos antivirus program updates. This problem has now been resolved and PCs and laptops…

Campus Management Hotline Open Again

ZECM team available to answer all your questions about IT services at TU Berlin

updated 17 May 2021, 12:18

Beginning Monday, 17 May 2021, the Campus Management (ZECM) hotline is open once again to answer all your questions about IT services at TU Berlin.
You can contact the…

Applications for Jobs Can be Submitted by Email Again

updated 14 May 2021, 13:54

An email service is operating again at TU Berlin starting 14 May 2021. This means that applications can now be sent to the email addresses published in job postings.


For all TU Berlin Members: Change Your Central TU Password!

Important information about TU Berlin user information

updated 27 May 2021, 16:08

All members of TU Berlin, including students and staff, are requested to change their central TU Berlin password as soon as possible. You can change it here: https://pw-res…

Temporary Email for Staff and Students Now Available

University members required to change password

updated 14 May 2021, 9:00

Effective immediately, TU Berlin staff and students can resume using their University-issued email addresses. All University members must change their previous TU Berlin…

Limited Key Updates Available

Key Systems is available Monday to Friday from 8 to 13:00

updated 13 May 2021, 15:05

Effective 17 May 2021, it will be possible to grant key rights again on a very limited basis. This only applies to current TU Berlin staff who already have a digital key…

Committee Elections Postponed to July 2021

Election nominations to be submitted by 7 June 2021

In an extraordinary session held on 12 May 2021, the TU Berlin Central Election Committee took the following decisions:

  1. The deadline to submit nominations for the following elections has been…