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New drugs screened by a computer

The open source "Virtual Flow" platform is library of more than 1.4 billion molecules

The development of new drugs in medicine can take many years and cost billions of euros. An international team of scientists, including researchers from Freie Universität Berlin and Technische…

What Can We As Individuals Do?

Meta-study examines the possibilities for reducing our individual carbon footprints

In an international meta-study, researchers are examining the options that each of us has to reduce our individual carbon footprints. A research team led by Professor Dr. Felix Creutzig, head of the…

Saltwater in Place of Drinking Water

The electrolysis of seawater could provide a fresh impetus for hydrogen as a source of energy

The use of hydrogen as a source of energy could form an important cornerstone of a new carbon-neutral energy supply system. Ideally, the electrolysis of water required for this could be conducted…