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Charité Professor Geraldine Rauch Elected New President of TU Berlin

Professor Dr. Geraldine Rauch was elected to the office of president at TU Berlin in the first round of voting. She received the required 31 votes from the Extended Academic Senate. Her four-year term...

Elections for the President: Public Invited to Observe Session via WebEx

Elections for the office of president and 1st vice president on 19 January 2022, 13:00

The newly elected Extended Academic Senate is holding its constitutive sitting on 19 January 2022. The primary purpose of the session are the elections for the office of president and first vice...

Coronavirus – Appointments Available at TU Berlin for Booster Shots

Updated 18 January 2022, 16:05

In cooperation with the Neisinger & Team medical practice, TU Berlin is offering further appointments for the first, second, and booster vaccination against COVID as...

Elections for President at TU Berlin: Teams Present Their Ideas and Aims

Team Woggon to host digital discussion forums on 10 and 12 January 2022 / Team Thomsen publishes podcast

There are several opportunities to learn more about the candidates standing for the office of TU Berlin president:

Ulrike Woggon's team will be sharing and discussing its concrete plans with the...

Christian Thomsen and Team Publish Podcast "Miteinander TU gestalten"

Together with his team, candidate for the office of president and current president Christian Thomsen has published the "Miteinander TU gestalten: Der Podcast des Teams Thomsen zur Präsidiumswahl 2022...

Ulrike Woggon and Team Present Ideas in Two Digital Discussion Forums

Candidate for the office of president Professor Dr. Ulrike Woggon and her team, including Professor Dr.-Ing. Reinhard Hinkelmann (for the office of the first vice president of research) and Professor...

Entrepreneurial Skills in Teaching

Stifterverband awards TU Berlin EUR 175,000 to establish entrepreneurial skills in teaching

Board of Trustees Accepts Nominations for Office of the First Vice President

Video statements from Geraldine Rauch as well as Christian Thomsen's team online

On 17 December 2021, the Board of Trustees accepted the nomination of Professor Dr.-Ing. Reinhard Hinkelmann (standing as part of the team of Professor Dr. Ulrike Woggon) and Professor Dr.-Ing....

TU-Internal Research Funding: Call for Proposals "Initial acquisition"

Deadline: 31 January 2022

Digitally Walkable

Learning system with virtual digital building receives 2021 BIM award

The learning system, "Das virtuelle Digitalgebäude (DaviD)," was awarded a 2021 BIM Award (BIM - Building Information Modeling) during the 4th Frankfurter BIM-Symposium.  DaviD is a hybrid learning...