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Publication of traffic light system showing status of IT services

As of now, TU Berlin is making a traffic light system available to all its members. This makes it possible to see at a quick glance which IT services are available again following the cyberattack, which restrictions currently apply, and which services are scheduled to be made available again next. The overview is published by Campus Management (ZECM) on its website and will be updated on a regular basis.

Three months ago, Campus Management had to shut down a number of IT services in response to the IT security incident. Since then, staff have worked tirelessly to maintain and restore the University’s IT and communication operations. An example of this is the speed with which the emergency email service was set up.

The next steps: Exchange and TU Portal self services for students

At the start of August 2021 the University’s original email service (Exchange) will become operational again. Further details will be provided in good time by Campus Management to enable a merger of data from the emergency email system and the regular email system. TU Portal self services for students, for example for enrolling and re-registration, will also be available soon.

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