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Experimental Science Communication at TU Berlin

Six new experimental laboratories for science communication are being funded with a total of 2.4 million euros by the Berlin University Alliance Consortium of Excellence. Two of these laboratories are headed by professors at TU Berlin: The project “Trash Games – Playing with the Circular Economy Transition at the Haus der Materialisierungen” headed by Professor Susanne Rotter seeks to create playful approaches to recycling and the circular economy and will be funded for one year within the “fast approach” funding line. “Projektlabor Wissenschaftskommunikation” trials a teaching module where students participate in knowledge exchange with researchers, artists, and non-university partners. This “long road” project with three years’ funding is led by Professor Birgit Kanngießer.

The experimental laboratories will test out new innovative forms of science communication. At the heart of the program is the concept of knowledge exchange, a form of knowledge transfer based upon dialog, which seeks to convey research findings to society while also creating science collaboratively and in dialog with target groups within society. Researchers from TU Berlin are also involved in the other four funded projects. Funding for the experimental laboratories for science communication will commence April 2021.

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