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Regular Opening Hours Re-established for TU Buildings from 17 April 2023

Since 25 November 2022, all TU buildings have been open on weekdays between 5:00 and 22:00 only. At nights and on weekends, buildings have remained closed over this period. From the start of the lecture period on 17 April 2023 at 5:00, all buildings will revert to their regular opening times.

What is new is that selected rooms with particularly high energy requirements in the summer months (ventilation and air conditioning) will continue to have their use reduced. This will be taken into account when planning.

The request to use electricity and heat as sparingly as possible continues to apply for general and personal energy use. Not only because energy prices remain high, but also to help protect the climate.

Task Force Energy continues to work on the implementation of organizational and technical energy-saving measures and will provide information in due course on new and updated measures as well as TU Berlin’s current energy balance.

Changing our opening hours during the winter semester has enabled us all to make a considerable contribution to achieving energy-saving targets and climate protection. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all University members once again for their active support and understanding.