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The Heating Period Has Begun – Please Save Energy

The heating period has begun: Department IV - Building and Services Management switched on the heating at TU Berlin on 21 September to provide you with a comfortable working environment.

Task Force Energy would now like to ask all members of the University to actively help save energy.

To achieve energy savings, the federal government has introduced regulations for public buildings requiring offices to be heated to just 19°C. Areas used solely for access such as corridors and foyers will remain unheated, meaning that they will only be heated to a basic temperature. These regulations also apply to TU Berlin. You are therefore requested not to turn up thermostats in corridors and foyers.

What we can all do to help:

Adjust room temperatures: The savings here are enormous: Lowering the temperature by just one degree results in a saving of 6% of heating energy (the first few degrees in particular make a big difference). We ask you to regulate the room temperature to help achieve energy saving. Please wear suitable clothing in the fall and winter months to cope with the lowered room temperatures.

Open windows fully to air rooms: Open windows fully several times a day for five minutes at a time to enable stale air and moisture in the room to escape. It is best to keep the windows shut otherwise, as tilted windows can lead to heat loss.

Lower temperatures when rooms are not in use: Please turn down the heating during the night or when working from home or at weekends: Set the thermostat to 2 or preferably 1, depending on the temperature you would like to have in your office when you arrive in the morning. This will also depend on the type of building: heavy, older buildings tend to cool down more slowly but also take longer to warm up than lighter buildings with metal and glass facades.

Arrange furniture and equipment: If possible, do not place furniture in front of heaters so that they can heat rooms evenly.

Keep entrance doors and corridor doors closed: This will help prevent drafts in buildings.

Close windows in communal areas: Please ensure that windows in the corridors, restrooms (at night) or classrooms (when not in use) in your area are closed.

Let us know: If it is either too warm or too cold anywhere, please contact us at energie(at) or via the service mailbox at

Inform all staff and students in your unit: Please ensure that this information is clearly displayed in your unit. Please also discuss with your colleagues any further energy-saving measures you could introduce.